Kickstarter Launch Video 

Designed and developed to be put on Kickstarter,  the Airbar is a laptop cooling pad that is a more portable, effective, and better made alternative than the other cooling pads on the market today.  

Initial Development

We wanted to rethink the way air is collected and channeled along the laptop surface that allows for a very small form factor.  We directed air from powerful quiet blowers into specifically engineered chamber to create laminar air flow.  Laminar air flow is the process of taking air and directing it through channels that narrow and divide the air to create thin sheets of directed airWe analyzed our initial CAD designs through air flow testing to achieve our desired cooling affect. As a result of this testing, many evolving prototypes were developed to achieve maximization of air flow and efficiency utilizing a negligible amount of power draw through our Micro USB.


Final Design

Kickstarter Campaign

Launched an entire Kickstarter campaign to try and reach successful funding for manufacturing and further development.