Buddy Meals 

Buddy Meals is an innovative all-in-one pet travel product for pet consumers whom before it’s introduction, would traditionally struggle with feeding their four legged family members when traveling.  From the initial concept to produce a truly portable, healthy and bio-degradable all-in-one meal for canines of all energy levels. Hot Pot Designs has been the sole design firm behind the brand.

Tray Design

The patented biodegradable feeding dish was designed to function effectively for dogs of all sizes and was ergonomically stable enough to survive harsh use.  Using the proven biodegradable material of Bagrasse sugar cane pulp, the additional components comprising a “Buddy Meals” were also designed to reinforce the brand message of “Healthy Dog Meals. Anytime. Anywhere.”


The overall branding and design of the Buddy Meals packaging was to incoporate the feel of a brand with personality and care.  To build a brand around an image that promotes a Friendly, Happy, Healthy and Active dog lifestyle we created the "buddy meals" dog to represent those core values.  To create package graphics that incorporate personality, we used all 8 sides interatcitng with each other.    The innovative purpose, branding and packaging of Buddy Meals was quickly recognized by both small and large retailers seeking to connect with their customers in the ever growing pet products market. Further, several large Hospitality brands and non-traditional pet products retailers were able to use the innovative Buddy Meals product line to provide enhanced convenience and service to their guests/customers.