Work with Sam Chung to develop a brand identity that can be used for all his handmade ceramics and future collaborations and works.  




























































































It was important to incorporate his signature that he used in the past to identify his pieces.

























For The People:

Create a brand for a new modern home store selling unique home accessories and furniture.   Initial name brainstorming, logo design and branding, signage, website design, business cards and promotional material all handled through HotPot.

DIY Carbon

Brand a new company that sells Carbon Fiber kits to make your own carbon fiber car parts. Work done for OCarbon manufacturing. 

Portable Water Bowl

Design graphics for a completely unique, 100% waterproof and re-usable portable water bowl for dogs.  


Dog biscuits & Coffee?  Not together, but people should enjoy their coffee outside while not forgetting about the dog needing a morning pick-me-up.  


Graphics for a pop-up shop that focuses on selling succulents, garden accessories and all things green for the summer





FRESH Seven Coffee

A quick logo for my crazy friend who opened a coffee shop in small town Kansas with her husband.