Personal Care Anywhere

From the initial idea, to the successful product launch, and still actively involved, Hot Pot Design has been the design and branding force behind MiiSTS ultra slim sprays.


MiiSTS sought to re-invent the bottle and how consumers carried personal care products…. no small task! Hot Pot Designs began the project by solidifying a cohesive brand identity and design plan, including work with plastics and injection tooling experts, materials sourcing and conducting numerous test models to ensure the bottle is unique, cost effective and can be manufactured without complicated assembly.

Label Design

MiiSTS logo, packaging, web materials and all other sales/marketing  materials have been created to show a clean and consistent design message that will continue to evolve and develop into more products and opportunities in the near future.

Packaging & Branding

Due to the numerous retail categories MiiSTS is sold at,  different options for packaging were required. MiiSTS point of sale pieces include counter displays, POP stands, and individual hanging boxes all with constant branding and design throughout.