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Working with Brilliant Biometric to design a heart rate monitor that focuses on simplicity and ease of use rather than complex screen data, phone syncing and data collection.  Address the target consumer that takes their exercise seriously and wants to know their heart rate range with a quick glance for instant visual feedback and minimal data processing, while at the same time, integrate a wearable design technology that looks and fits like it nothing else on the market.  


Initial wearable technology market research was developed in order to better understand the market and target consumer to help drive a clear design direction and language moving forward. 


Fit and Form.  The two most important factors in developing the form was fit.  How do you create a wearable device that can easily be worn without it falling off without the support of adjustments.  We developed many concepts and shapes that can wrap around the wrist without clasps or enclosures.  We accomplished this by developing a "C" clamp shape that will flex and fit around the wrist and stays secure with all types of movement.  This was accomplished with multiple phases of prototyping and "fit parties" where we had large group of users to to test sizing and fit.  


We ultimately set out to create a piece of jewelry that people want to wear for its aesthetic principles as much as its benefit of adding valuable heart rate information.  Something that can be worn at the gym, outdoors or hardcore training.  Integrate technology with beautiful form and design.